HOOP 10 Teams

Learn about HOOP 10 Teams are organized, parent/team information, and learn about combines and special team events!


Usually starts first week of February

TBA – Usually starts first week of February

Travel Teams

If you have played on a HOOP 10 Travel Team in the past, please attend Travel Team tryouts. Players may also be invited to Travel Team tryouts. Please contact HOOP 10 IMMEDIATELY if you are interested in attending Travel Team tryouts!

To be eligible for Travel Team Tryouts, players must attend HOOP 10 Sunday Clinics in January and February. Then, don’t miss the IMPORTANT PARENT MEETING after Sunday Clinics held every year!


Non-Travel Teams

Non-Travel Teams will be organized very much like Non-Travel Teams in previous seasons. Players must participate in “Non-Travel Teams” tryouts. Teams will be formed based on age and ability and assigned coaches for practices and six local tournaments.

About Hoop 10 Teams

HOOP 10 Basketball provides 3rd Grade – High School girls and boys of all ability levels the opportunity to play on teams throughout the spring and summer months.

Teams will have 2 practices per week:  1 Team practice and 1 Skills practice.

  • Non-Travel Teams:  Developing teams play in local HOOP 10 Tournaments.
  • Travel Teams:  Advanced teams play in local HOOP 10 Tournaments as well as national events throughout the country.
  • Sunday Clinics:  All athletes who plan to play on HOOP 10 Teams in the spring and summer should attend Sunday Clinics in January and February in Amarillo!

Players must alo attend tryouts.  Tryouts will include skill work, position evaluation and game play.