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About Hoop 10 Trainings – Clinics – Camps

HOOP 10 Camps and Clinics are designed to give you everything you’ll need to improve your total game. This complete program approach will make you a better player and a better athlete, while teaching you the importance of practice and dedication.

Here’s what you’ll get at a HOOP 10 Camp or Clinic:

Offensive Fundamentals

  • Ball handling, dribbling, passing
  • Shooting Form – layup, jump shot, set shot
  • Shooting off the pass, dribble, and screen
  • Getting open to score
  • Position work for guards and posts

Defensive Fundamentals

  • Defensive footwork
  • On-Ball defense
  • Off-ball defense
  • Rebounding
  • Position defense for guards and posts

Training Programs will also include:

From shooting to ballhandling, you’ll be taught specific drills to hone your skills during the season and the off-season.

This program will allow you to practice shooting at game speed, with many repeitions to help you develop picture-perfect form.

Camps will include one on one, three on three, Hot Shot, Three Point, Two Ball, Free Throw, and more.